Day one

  • עזות in general, is a negative middah and is the opposite of בושה.
  • A ביישן is forgiving and compassionate.
  • Someone with עזות doesn’t feel בושה around others.
  • Someone with עזות is comfortable with opposing others.
  • Someone with עזות will do all bad things, without feeling any remorse.
  • People don’t enjoy the company of someone who has עזות
  • עזות brings a person to fighting, hatred, and jealousy.
  • Someone with עזות denies the Oneness of Hashem.
  • Someone with עזות doesn’t show proper respect to those who are more important or older than them.
  • Someone who is עז, is called a רשע.
  • Someone with עזות can do many bad things, without recognizing that they do bad things, and will in fact think that they are a צדיק.
  • This makes someone with עזות very far from doing תשובה.
  • A זונה possesses the מדה of עזות.
  • Someone with עזות will come to embarrass their friends, the poor, and their teachers.
  • Someone with עזות won’t listen to rebuke.

Day two

  • עזות can be a very good middah when used to do the right thing, and not care what the רשעים say or think about them.
  • One needs עזות overall, not to go along with the רשעים in any way shape or form.
  • עזות gives a person the courage to ask questions to their teachers.
  • עזות give a person the strength to rebuke others when there is a need.
  • עזות is a difficult מדה to properly control, unless one puts in effort into it.


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