The sixth thing to think about is to take to heart to fulfill everything that one was commanded to do and to refrain from everything that one was commanded not to do, when one wishes that the Creator blessed is He should do for him that which he’s trusting in Him to do. As our Rabbis say, “Make His will like your will, in order that He will make your will like His will. And nullify your will before His will, in order that the will of others will be nullified before your will.
However, one who trusts in Hashem of above and doesn’t fulfill what He commands, is quite foolish. And about this it says, “What hope does the evil doer have, when he steals, being that God will cut down his soul. Will God listen to him when he cries out?” And it says “You steal and murder… and you come and stand before Me in this house that My Name is called upon it?” And it says, “Is this house a den of robbers”
The seventh thing to think about is that a person should know that the Creator blessed is He, created man for man tasks. And created for him food, that is attained with lots of effort and work. And if all one’s food and clothing would be prepared without effort, there are many mitzvos that we wouldn’t have. Such as charity, not stealing, not desiring something of others and many mitzvos such as these.
Also, a person wouldn’t trust in God. And it’s for this reason that King Chizkiyahu, the King of Yehuda, hid the book of healing, in order that one who is sick would trust in God and not in medicine.
Also if a person wouldn’t work, and wouldn’t be busy working for their food, he would kick (i.e. rebel), and chase after sins. As the verse says, “And Yeshurun got fat and kicked” And our Rabbis say, it’s good to have the study of Torah along with work, because it’s the toil of both of them that rids one of sin. Also now, Hashem gives man two works.
One is his own work, and the other is the work of the Torah. And a person needs to balance the two, and to set aside specific hours for each one of them. And a person needs to strengthen himself to do both of them and to make sure that one doesn’t cause him to be unduly lax in the other. As the verse says, “Behold, your father eats and drinks and does justice and righteousness as well, then it will be good for him.” And it says, “It’s good that you should grab onto this and also from this you shouldn’t let go”


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