R.S. from Atlanta, GA ” Learning Orchos Tzaddikim with Rabbi Goldsmith has infused my day with new meaning. His easy-to-follow manner and down-to-earth presentations are geared to reach every person who wants to grow, irrespective of their background. And his warmth and enthusiasm make it a pleasurable experience! “

A.G. from Columbus, OH “Listening to the shiurim has given me a lot to think about in terms of personal growth. It has provided me with more insight into how to change my thought processes and actions in a positive direction.

M.K. from Atlanta, GA ” Chaburas ma ahavti provides me with a brief learning experience from the comfort of my own home.  Knowing myself, I would not go out to a class and I do not like listening to audio recordings as I need a visual to stay focused. What we have learned so far, has been very meaningful to me as I try to incorporate the lessons into my life. “

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